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A few more notes:

• We do custom cuts! Anything from whole chicken to breast, to leg and thigh quarters. Name the cut and we will do it!

• You can pick up your order at the farm or we do home and business delivery.

• Call Nels at 435-770-2365 to find out about current programs, place orders, and arrange for delivery/pick-up.

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Take the Taste Test!

In the October issue of SaltLakeMagazine.com, starting on page 68, the article Chicken Feed by Mary Brown Malouf appeared. With that article was the results of an unscientific taste test by some of the staff at the magazine. Our farm fresh chicken was a big hit! I have quoted what it says below.

Taste Test

By Mary Brown Malouf [p. 71]

We roasted a Heritage Valley chicken and a conventionally grown Tyson chicken and conducted an unscientific taste test at Salt Lake magazine.

The Heritage Valley chicken was smaller (just under four pounds) than the Tyson bird, which weighed in at over five pounds, with a lot of the extra weight carried in the breast. Americans like white meat.

Photographer Adam Finkle, art director Heidi Larsen and associate art director Josh Wangrud. The verdict was spontaneous and unanimous:

JOSH: "This (organic) tastes like I always think chicken is going to taste but never does."

ADAM: "The organic chicken has a meatier texture. Texture, color, taste - they were all better in the organic chicken."

HEIDI: "This (organic) is the first chicken I've eaten in six months, and it was worth it."