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Back To The Basics! - A Farming Tradition

Nels Anderson's family has been farming for five generations. His family is committed to paying attention to the basics of good farming. The family holds a strong belief in the way of life that farming affords.

Our farm is a locally owned family farm that is committed to doing farming like it should be done. We believe in organic methods and have a free-range philosophy that allows our animals to be stress-free and healthy.

We offer the finest farm fresh, all natural poultry available either at local farmers markets or through our CSA program. We offer both Heritage breeds of both chicken and turkey along with other breeds of chicken, turkey, duck, and also rabbit. We also offer all cuts of any of the products that are listed.

We are a small farm that has suffered the ills of finances and the ebb and flow of transitioning from generation to generation along with the constant changes in products and practices that anyone in the family farm industry is well aware of. It is our goal to bring to your family the finest all natural poultry that is raised and harvested in the most humane, efficient and stress-free way possible.

Paying attention to these details produces great tasting poultry. One taste and we are sure you will agree!

Heritage Valley Poultry produces:

  • Farm Fresh Turkeys
  • Farm Fresh Chickens
  • Farm Fresh Ducks
  • Farm Fresh Geese
  • Farm Fresh Rabbits

Thank You For Supporting Local Farming!

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