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Farm Fresh Chicken!

Easy to Prepare and a Nutritious Choice!

Free Range Chicken Chicken is the most popular choice for a healty, great tasting dinner. It is easy to prepare and everybody likes it! Fresh chicken has a lot of nutritional value. According to The George Mateljan Foundation: "Chicken is rated as a very good source of protein ... Chicken is a very good source of the cancer-protective B vitamin, niacin. Chicken is not only a very good source of niacin, but is also a good source of vitamin B6. Chicken is also a good source of the trace mineral, selenium." In summary they say "Chicken is a very good source of protein and niacin. It is also a good source of selenium, vitamin B6 and phosphorus." Chicken is also an excellent source of the nutrient tryptophan. See their article for more information about the benefits of eating chicken. Farm fresh chicken from Heritage Valley Poultry is easy to prepare and very nutritious!

We are a locally owned family farm that is committed to providing good value when you buy chicken for your next family dinner.

Keep Them Safe!

Chickens in the Field The poultry in Southern Idaho and Northern Utah have several natural preditors. The animals must be protected from these preditors and from severve weather conditions, but not at the expense of their freedom to roam freely indoors and outdoors. This is best done using free-range methods and facilities that allow them to be indoors or outdoors as they choose.

Great Tasting Chicken!

Small Free-Range Chickens Picture A great tasting chicken needs great tasting food to eat! We create feed from natural organically grown grain that is nutritious and gives great flavor to the chicken meat. We don't use any animal by-products in our chicken feed. Many commercial chicken farms inject their chicken meat with water to increase the weight (and the profits). We, of course, don't inject anything into our chicken meat. There are no hormones, steroids or artificial enhancers added either! We feed our chickens well and allow them to roam around and get exercise, so our chicken meat is all natural and naturally grown.

These techniques result in great tasting farm fresh chicken that will also be nutritious. Try our farm fresh chicken and you will immediately taste the difference!

How to Make Delicious Fat-Free Chicken Stock

Here is an idea for cooking some great tasting chicken and preparing a wonderful chicken stock for soups and other dishes.

Simply salt and pepper the skin-on, bone-in chicken breasts (or the whole chicken), place them on a pan and put the pan into the oven at 350 oF. Cook for about two hours until the outside is crispy with a rich golden color. Take most of the meat off of the bones and eat it directly or make chicken salad or any other favorite dish with chicken breast.

Now place the bones, drippings, skin, and any liquid from roasting the chicken into a stockpot, cover with water and slowly boil for at least two hours (the longer the better). Strain out the bones and skin. Let it cool somewhat and then place into the refrigerator until the fat has solidified at the top of the liquid. Scrape off the fat and you will have a great gelatin looking broth that has a lot of nutrition, a wonderful taste, and no fat!

Ordering Farm Fresh Chicken

To order farm fresh chicken or other poultry contact Nels by phone (435-770-2365) or by email (Nels at HeritageValleyPoultry.com) and he will arrange delivery of your order. Thank you!

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