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A few more notes:

• We do custom cuts! Anything from whole chicken to breast, to leg and thigh quarters. Name the cut and we will do it!

• You can pick up your order at the farm or we do home and business delivery.

• Call Nels at 435-770-2365 to find out about current programs, place orders, and arrange for delivery/pick-up.

  • Great Tasting Poultry!
  • Organic Methods
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Chicken Dinner

Take the Taste Test!

In the October issue of SaltLakeMagazine.com, starting on page 68, the article Chicken Feed by Mary Brown Malouf appeared. With that article was the results of an unscientific taste test by some of the staff at the magazine. Our farm fresh chicken was a big hit! I have quoted what it says below.

Taste Test

By Mary Brown Malouf [p. 71]

We roasted a Heritage Valley chicken and a conventionally grown Tyson chicken and conducted an unscientific taste test at Salt Lake magazine.

The Heritage Valley chicken was smaller (just under four pounds) than the Tyson bird, which weighed in at over five pounds, with a lot of the extra weight carried in the breast. Americans like white meat.

Photographer Adam Finkle, art director Heidi Larsen and associate art director Josh Wangrud. The verdict was spontaneous and unanimous:

JOSH: "This (organic) tastes like I always think chicken is going to taste but never does."

ADAM: "The organic chicken has a meatier texture. Texture, color, taste - they were all better in the organic chicken."

HEIDI: "This (organic) is the first chicken I've eaten in six months, and it was worth it."

Heritage Valley Poultry Graphic

Your Home for Farm Fresh Turkey, Chicken, Duck, Rabbit and Goose

Farm Fresh Poultry!

Healthy Food Choices!

Chicken in Free Range Setting At Heritage Valley Poultry you can be assured of fresh, wholesome food alternatives for your chicken, turkey, and other poultry. We are committed to providing healthy choices that will taste great and we are committed to doing it in a way that is good for the animals, for the environment, and for You!

Farm Fresh Chicken: Stress Free

Chicken in Field Chicken is a great meal anytime, but often it is thought of on Birthdays and summer barbeques because it is a stress free option. Most people love chicken and the preparation is minimal, making it a low stress meal. One of the reasons our chicken is so good is that the animals live stress-free. Heritage Valley Poultry allows the animals to have lots of room to roam and facilities to keep them safe from predators and severe weather conditions. The goal is to keep them happy so they will grow and develop naturally with the best care possible. This is best done using organic methods and allowing them to be indoors or outdoors as they choose. This location also allows us to harvest the poultry efficiently, with the least amount of stress to the animals possible. Call Nels for some farm fresh chicken today!

Farm Fresh Turkey: Organic Grain, No Animal By-Products

Hay Field Thanksgiving turkey is a common phrase, but turkey is good for any holiday or family get together. At Heritage Valley Poultry we raise the perfect turkey for your holiday dinner. The process of organically growing farm fresh turkey, chicken, duck, rabbit, or goose is monitored from hatchling to full grown. A diet of organically grown corn, wheat, and soy without any animal products or drugs is strictly adhered to. No animal by-products are used at Heritage Valley Poultry! We use our own blend of corn, wheat, and soy that is nutritious and gives great flavor. This makes our farm fresh turkey and chicken the best you can buy!

Farm Fresh: Great Tasting Chicken, Turkey, and Other Poultry!

Small View Free-Range Chicken Picture The techniques used at Heritage Valley Poultry result in great tasting farm fresh poultry that will also be nutritious! You can really taste the difference in our farm fresh poultry! Your family or customers will love the taste and want to come back again and again for more of that farm fresh chicken, turkey, duck, goose, and rabbit! Call Nels today!

Try a Christmas Goose!

Free Range Picture Did you ever want to have goose at Christmas just like in the movies and story books? Now you can! Just give Nels a call and you can have that goose in no time. Goose is not only good at Christmas, but is great for any special occasion. The organic grains and free-range methods used at Heritage Valley Poultry will ensure that the farm fresh goose you buy is healty, nutritious,and tasty!

Check out this interesting article from NPR about cooking goose and using goose fat. Also, here is a Roasted Goose recipe from The Food Network and here are eight more recipes from GooseRecipes.net. Choose fresh goose from Heritage Valley Poultry for your next special occasion!

Try Some Great Tasting Fresh Duck!

Ducks at the Pond Have you ever dreamed of duck on New Year's Eve? Or on your Birthday? Or on some other special occasion? Now you can have a great duck dinner with farm fresh duck! Nels can have that fresh duck to you right away and what a treat it will be! Can't you just taste the crispy outside with a wonderful plum sauce? Or maybe some marinated bite-sized pieces for an appetizer? Here are some tips for cooking duck from HelpWithCooking.com and some recipes from AllRecipes.com.

Try Some Tender Rabbit!

Rabbit Picture You probably haven't thought about eating rabbit for the next special occasion, but you should consider this great tasting alternative. These rabbits are specially grown, using natural nutrients from the best grains and other foods that they enjoy. Rabbit meat can be cooked much like chicken. It is very tender and makes a wonderful centerpiece for any meal. Here are a few rabbit recipes from the web. We know you will love the ease of preparation and the great taste that our farm fresh rabbit provides. Call Nels and order some rabbit today!

How to Order

To order farm fresh turkey, chicken, or other poultry from our locally owned Utah farm contact Nels by phone (435-770-2365) or by email (Nels at HeritageValleyPoultry.com) and he will arrange delivery of your order. Thank you!

Some Articles About Our Farm Fresh Turkey and Chicken

Articles about Farm Fresh Turkey and Chicken

A great Article in The Salt Lake Tribune highlighted Nels and Heritage Valley Poultry. It was also published on the Slow Food™ Utah site. A third article appeared in The Salt Lake Magazine by Mary Brown Malouf (starts on page 68).

In addition Nels has has been contacted to appear on television where these wonderful tasting organic rabbits will be cooked and the technique demonstrated for the television audience.

All of these articles and appearances were very complementary and they point out the advantages of using organic methods to produce farm fresh turkey, chicken, duck, rabbit, and goose. The dedication to basic principles and practices of Nels and his team produces healthy and happy poultry and you can really taste the difference with our freshly harvested turkey and chicken!

No Antibiotics or Growth Hormones to Healthy Animals!

A petition concerning the use of antibiotics in animals was recently sent around. They stated that "The gross overuse of non-therapeutic antibiotics in the production of animals raised for meat has given rise to such dangerous antibiotic-resistant superbugs that even last-resort treatments are now ineffective." They cited recent studies (see article) and stated "The World Health Organization has called the threat of these superbugs “devastating” to global public health,2 and according to a recent study, if antibiotic resistance continues to rise, more people could die from these superbugs by 2050 than die from cancer annually3."

Giving antibiotics to healthy animals has at least two effects: (1) it allows the bacteria to develop resistance to it, which makes all animals more vulnerable to disease and (2) we consume the residue and that allows the bacteria to develop resistance to our antibiotics, making us more vulnerable to disease as well.

At Heritage Valley Poultry healthy animals don't receive any drugs. We also do not give any growth hormones to our animals. These are important practices that, if adopted by more producers, can make a difference.

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More Information

  • We are able to do all types of cuts from whole chicken to breast or leg and thigh quarters. You name the cut, I can do it for you.
  • We offer CSA programs and I do home or business delivery. This is a great way to have farm fresh chicken automatically delivered. Look for our next CSA program and be ready for your business or family needs!
  • Customers can call Nels at 435-770-2365 to find out about current programs, place orders, and arrange for delivery/pick up.
  • We are a locally owned family farm in Southern Idaho that is committed to excellence.

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